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TopQuote’s Charity Work Changes Lives

The Cost of Living Crisis has ushered in a new age of financial anxiety and worry for a huge number of families in the country. With both domestic and global news progressing at such a relentless pace, in a world still reeling from the effects of the pandemic, it’s so difficult to take a moment to assess anything but our own lives.

The natural, and understandable, instinct is to quickly take stock and ensure that we can look after our family and loved ones. The inescapable fact is that it will now be even more challenging for those who may have been struggling before. Ultimately, this also means that people and organisations that are fortunate enough to be able to help out should perhaps look to do more.

Making Our Work Count

At Top Quote, we spend our professional lives preparing financial support for families that have suffered a bereavement or faced a life-changing impact on their health. It’s important to us that the charities we choose to support reflect this somehow. By doing so, we feel that we are doing all we can to make sure people’s loved ones are cared for when they are unable to do so.

Wood St Heroes

It made us incredibly proud to become Wood St Heroes in 2021. Wood Street Mission’s inspiring work ensures that Manchester families living in poverty can provide their children with access to better education and wellbeing. We recently contributed to their wonderful SmartStart campaign that provided school uniforms to over 3000 children in 2021 by donating whenever we acquired new clients. This acts as a great incentive for us to continue our own work ­– making sure we provide the very best service we can for our clients to look after their families.

Wood St also runs an annual Christmas appeal that allows us an opportunity to support the families they help by donating gifts and toys. Being able to help Wood St change children’s lives in this hopeful way every year is something our team is passionate about. For Wood St to honour us by making us Wood St Heroes will drive us to work harder to do more and help more children for as long as we possibly can.

The Christie Charitable Fund

For those families that have been devastated by a cancer diagnosis, dealing with the consequences is one of the most difficult experiences that they will ever go through. To do so against a backdrop of social distancing and limited contact and care must have been immeasurably harder.

That’s why TopQuote was also driven to donate to The Christie Charitable Fund this year. Their tireless and pioneering work offering enhanced services to complement what is provided to people living with cancer by the NHS is constant and unwavering. In their own words, they are there saving lives, holding hands, wiping tears, and beating cancer, every single day.

There are several projects and initiatives that The Christie runs all year round. Our donation will go towards the CT Redevelopment Fund, which involves redesigning & reconfiguring the CT scan area. Almost all of their patients will visit this space, and they are looking to make the area less clinical feeling and more people-friendly. It will house the latest scanning technology in a way that seeks to put people at ease while they are getting the very best care they can.

Let’s Do More Together

We want to help in even more ways this year.

Our collective response to such challenging times has to be positivity, light, and change. We know that circumstances dictate that not everybody will be able to support charities as much as they would like to.

At Top Quote, we’re working from the philosophy that if you can, you should.

So, if you are able, and would like to help, please click on the links below to learn more about our chosen charities and donate to their vital causes.



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