The importance of being charitable in the Covid era:How we are doing our part

Now more than ever, it’s really important to remember those who are always the most affected by any major changes in the world – underprivileged children. Nobody is more aware of how low income families are affected by global events than Wood Street Mission.

With more than a century and half of helping poverty-stricken communities under their belt, the organisation has recently set its focus on helping children in Manchester and Salford with a wide variety of projects.

Achieving their goal, however, has been made harder by the circumstances of recent events, and they are bracing for the demand for their services to skyrocket in the coming weeks. We understand that kids have it the hardest and that they can’t really influence the circumstances they are living in. But we can. This summer marks the fourth year of TopQuote’s ongoing initiative to help out Wood Street Mission’s aim of alleviating the financial burdens of low income families.

If you’d like to take our lead and make life a little easier for underprivileged children, reach out to Wood Street Mission and make your contribution.

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