Here We Go Again – How to Avoid Groundhog Day

Predicting what will happen in the future is fraught with uncertainty and danger. With
over seven billion people on the planet, all making hundreds of choices every single day,
there is no way we can definitively say what is about to happen with any degree of
confidence. If we cast our minds back to this time two years ago – which seems like an
eternity now – then we have the greatest reference point in modern history for how
rapidly things can change. There are simply too many hidden factors, variables, and
surprises in store for us all at all times.

However, that doesn’t stop us trying.

Silly Old Soothsaying

For as long as we’ve been able to tell stories, there’s been a determination to try and
control what’s around the corner. From crystal balls and cows lying down, to tarot cards
and tea leaves, there are thousands of examples that people have put their faith in.
There’s also a branch of soothsaying called Gastromancy that suggests we can
accurately find out what will happen to us in the coming weeks by listening out for the
voices sent from our long-gone ancestors. And it just so happens that these voices and
warnings come from the noises made in our stomachs at any given time. That is
definitely food for thought.

The Prophecy of Punxsutawney Phil

It will come as no real surprise that there are even festivals to celebrate our collective
prophecy obsession. Which is why on February the 2nd every year, the residents of
Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, are joined by crowds of tourists as they make their way
up to Gobbler’s Knob, a fabled and unfortunately named part of town, just before dawn.
Patiently, they all wait for the first sign of local celebrity rodent, Punxsutawney Phil the
groundhog. According to the tradition, if Phil leaves his burrow and can see his own
shadow, then he will quickly scurry back in. Apparently, the legend dictates that this is a sure-fire sign of six more weeks of winter weather for the town. However, if Phil greets
the day without his shadow to be found anywhere, then the town can be confident of an
end to winter and the coming of an early spring.

Of course, the festival was made even more famous by the 1993 Harold Ramis film,
Groundhog Day, which depicted the life of a man trapped in one day for eternity. The
film, and the idea of that familiar monotonous feeling that we all suffer from time to
time, was so successful that it has become part of our shared understanding.

Same Day, Every Day?

During certain stages of the pandemic, when restrictions were particularly strict, the
idea of Groundhog Day became a go-to reference point for us all. Possibilities felt
extremely limited and our experiences were repeated day after day after day.

Even in these mundane periods, we often found many surprises and shocks in store. We
may have changed how we feel about jobs or where we live. We may have taken on new
hobbies that altered our lifestyles permanently. And sadly, we may have lost loved ones
without any real warning.

Planning for What we Don’t Know

Predicting what will happen in the future is fraught with uncertainty and danger.
Learning that we don’t actually have full control of the unknown days ahead means that
all we can do is plan to be in the best shape to meet them as they come.

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