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Always Check Your Change(s)

The move towards autumn serves as a great reminder of the constant change that is
inescapable for us all. It only seems like yesterday that we were searching for flip flops
and sun cream to take up residence in the back garden for those long, lovely, lazy days.
Now, with the gentle humming sound of the central heating beginning to kick in, and
maybe even the jingle of those bells not so far away, we are all too aware that the end of
another year is just around the corner.

Of course, the signs are subtle at first.

Perhaps you caught yourself drawing the curtains just a little earlier or watched the first
few golden leaves parachute down to the ground away from their green canopies. It’s
difficult to register these little changes initially. They can be forgotten in the grander
scheme of things as we concentrate on dealing with our day to day lives.

However, if the gentle hum of those radiators is more of a bang and a clatter when we
fire them up again, or too many of those leaves have found their way into gutters and
grids as the rain started to pour, we curse ourselves for not checking for changes before
it was too late.

The Little Things Always Add Up

The writer and comic book artist, Allen Saunders, once wrote that “Life is what happens
to us while we are making other plans”. As a philosophy to follow for trying to stay in
the present moment and enjoying what we are experiencing right now, it’s a wonderful
way of adapting our thoughts. However, as we get a little older, it may have passed us by
that life has changed in such small increments over time, and the plans we made a while
ago are no longer suitable.

Circumstances, situations, and life in general, are all at the mercy of these silent and
gradual forces of change. Without a clear, and scheduled, maintenance check to see how
this has impacted our finances, we may run the risk of some nasty surprises when
required the most.

At Top Quote, we like to say that there is never a specifically good time to check your
existing life insurance policies. The truth is that it is always a good time to check any
insurance policies that you hold.

Help is at Hand

When life inevitably changes, it’s important to update your policy too. It makes sense to
attend to them together as soon as we can. Ensuring that everything is present and
correct to satisfy your current situation is vital, ensuring that your family and loved
ones are always protected.

As a general rule of thumb, if your employment situation, house, or family situation has
changed since you last took at a look at your policy, then it’s usually a good time for a
chat with us.

The Top Quote team is ready and waiting, armed with a wealth of knowledge and
experience to make the process as hassle-free and successful as possible.

Then all you have to do is think about clearing up those leaves.

Contact us now for a policy audit.

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