For Sale or Force Sale? – Black Friday Madness

Getting a good deal drives so much of our human behaviour. Sometimes, it feels the
world is built around it. If you look on any retail website, there is usually the option to
order the products, showing the highest percentage in savings first. This is perhaps one
of the most interesting modern developments in digital user experience as it doesn’t
serve any purpose for the consumer other than to satisfy that familiar feeling of getting
the best deal.

It doesn’t respond to the product that suits our needs in the best way.

It doesn’t solve the problem or gap in our lives that we have.

It just makes us feel good that we are paying less for something than others have done
at some point in time.

Of course, this isn’t limited to the online world.

Fear of Missing Out

Black Friday is the biggest example of this process at work in the physical world. By
now, we are all familiar with images of crowds camping outside stores in the middle of
the night to be the first in line, or even pushing and jumping over each other to make
sure they are first to get their goods at a sale price before the stock runs out.

The day that was once limited to activity in the USA is now essentially an international
holiday observed by billions of us all over the world. Every business, brand, company,
and product have their, often tenuous, campaigns aligned to this point in the calendar –
to bolster their bottom line for the whole year in 24 hours.

It’s become so encompassing that these businesses are now at the mercy of the ‘Fear of
Missing Out’ as much as the consumers are.

Do your Due Diligence

We’ve all done it, of course.

All over the country, there are items of clothing in wardrobes that never really fit us but
were offered at a price too good to miss. The cables and leads from unused electrical
items that are curled up in drawers, or stopping cupboards from shutting properly, also
serve as a gentle reminder to maybe not fall for the same thing again next year.

It’s a tough habit to break though. There are decades of purchase behaviour and
marketing manipulation at work, making us fall into the same traps again and again.

The solution is simple, and it’s no surprise that it only takes a few seconds to uncover
how effective it is. Ask yourself whether the product you are about to part with your
hard-earned cash for is exactly right for you.

If it isn’t, then just take your time and find the one that is.

Asking the Right Questions

Working in the insurance industry means that every task we perform, every quote we
create, and ultimately, every policy we provide for our customers must go through a
process of thorough diligence. The questions we ask may sometimes seem a little
challenging to consider, but they have a very clear goal – to ensure that you are getting
what is right for you and your family.

We’re here to help ensure that your cover responds to your needs and circumstances.

That means giving you the peace of mind that you will be looking after your family and
loved ones in the best way possible should the unthinkable happen.

With TopQuote, this process is ongoing.

Our team is always on hand to assist you in checking that all the policies you hold are
doing the right job for you now. Contact us today, and we can continue to keep your policy up to date.

And we promise there won’t be a sale sign in sight.

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