How to Make Those Resolutions Stick

There are very few things that we can rely on going into 2022.

Everything seems to be moving at such an incredible pace. The uncertainty surrounding
all aspects of our home and work lives makes it difficult to predict how anything will
turn out. However, if our past experiences of a new year have taught us anything, it’s
that we will find fulfilling our resolutions a real challenge.

Midnight Madness

Of course, it was all so different when we heard those bells on New Year’s Eve.

With a fizzing glass in hand, and good cheer on our minds, it seemed so simple. Those
four-mile runs would feel like a leisurely skip. The salads for every lunch and dinner
looked like a delight. And speaking conversational Spanish by summer would be an
absolute brisa!

The reality of the end of January is a different story. Across the world, unused exercise
bikes are repurposed as a place to throw clothes on, the rocket and spinach leaves are
growing old in the fridge, and the unopened language apps gather digital dust on our
phones and tablets.

A Little Help Goes a Long Way

Deciding to make resolutions is more important than you might think. There is reason
to believe that even this small step has a big impact further down the line. The Journal of
Clinical Psychology suggests that people employing New Year’s resolutions are ten times
more likely to see changes in their behaviour than those who don’t make them.

Top Quote is here to help make sure that your ideas have the best chance of success.

The Top Quote Top Five

  1. Choose One
    It’s always better to do one thing well than many things half-heartedly. Make a list of
    possible options for behaviour that you want to change and whittle it down to a
    winner. This can be where you concentrate all your time and effort for 2022.
  2. Plan, Plan, Plan!
    Resolutions aren’t the place to be winging it or playing it by ear. Draft a plan to
    follow, allocating time and resources to your goal. Inevitably, it will involve making
    changes to your life so make sure they are manageable.
  3. Start Small
    Neil Armstrong wasn’t wrong. Small steps really can lead to giant leaps.
    Understanding what goals will be achievable in a suitable timeframe will keep your
    expectations at a sensible level when the going gets tough. Don’t go straight for the
    marathon, just get out and run first.
  4. Buddy Up
    Joining forces with a friend or family member can make a huge difference to how
    well you will fare. It allows you to share results and creates a much more motivating
    environment. And never underestimate the power of a little rivalry along the way!
  5. Prepare to Adapt
    There are bound to be some unknowns when you start any journey of change. The
    most important thing is that you’re always able to assess them as they appear and
    are prepared to learn from them. It may be that you adapt your resolutions as you
    go. Embrace it and keep it moving!

Getting Things Organised

As insurance brokers, Top Quote is always alive to change. We understand that
subtle shifts in your life may occur over time. It’s always important to allocate time
to ensure that your details are up to date and your insurance policy is still in the best
possible shape.

Our team are here to help you do that in the simplest way possible. Why not make it
your resolution to get it sorted and let us guide you along the way?

Then you can concentrate on exercise, healthy eating, and finally getting round to
learning that new language.

Próspero Año Nuevo!

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