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Life insurance when pregnant

It’s only natural to start thinking about the best ways to secure your children’s future when you become pregnant, and that’s why you may be starting to consider life insurance at this time. Bringing up children is not cheap, and parents want to know that there will be financial help available for their children should they pass away.

A life insurance policy could help to pay a mortgage, child care fees, or simply to cover everyday living expenses for children if either or both parents were to die while covered by the policy.

Even if you have an existing life insurance policy, it may be worth reviewing it to see whether it reflects the future needs of a growing family. 

Can you get life insurance when pregnant?

Applying for life insurance when pregnant is no different to applying at any other time. Some of the questions asked when applying for life insurance could be a little confusing to expectant mums, so you may find the below useful.

Questions asked about getting life insurance when pregnant:

Will pregnancy affect my life insurance premiums?
No. Your pregnancy will not affect your L&G Life Insurance premiums.

When asked for my weight, do I put my current pregnancy weight or my usual weight?
We realise that your weight during pregnancy won’t be a fair reflection of your usual weight, so please tell us the weight you were immediately before your pregnancy. 

When asked if I smoke, does that mean in the last 12 months, or just while pregnant?
We won’t categorise you as a non-smoker if you’ve only given up smoking since becoming pregnant. To qualify as a non-smoker you need to confirm, during the last 12 months, you have not;

  • smoked any cigarettes or 
  • used e-cigarettes (whether or not they contain nicotine as their impact on health is still undetermined) or
  • used nicotine replacement products (such as nicotine patches)

That means you’ll need to provide your smoking history from before you were pregnant.

When asked for my weekly consumption of alcohol, what should I say?
When applying for life insurance, the first alcohol-related question we’ll ask you is about your current level of consumption. Of course, you may well have cut back during your pregnancy. As you work through the questions, you’ll find we also ask whether your alcohol consumption has changed over the past five years, and whether you’ve been medically advised to reduce your alcohol consumption. This combination of questions lets us build a fuller picture of how your consumption of alcohol has changed. 

Remember that it’s vital to be transparent in your answers to these and any other health questions that may be asked when you apply for life insurance. If you’re later found to have provided inaccurate information, it could mean a claim may not be paid and your policy may be cancelled or amended.

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