Worried your insurance won’t pay out? Here’s what to do to prevent that.

People think that insurance companies don’t pay out. A recent report by Mintel discovered that 54% of adults aged 18+ think that insurance companies will always try to get out of paying a claim.

In fact, it’s the complete opposite. We’re committed to paying as many claims as possible. So to ensure your clients have the right cover, and that their claims are accepted, it’s important to make sure they’ve provided us with the correct information. Opposite are some of the common areas where mistakes are made on the application or customers forget to inform us.

When applying to a policy, make sure to run through these to ensure you have cover in place that meets your needs.


You need to consider all parts of the alcohol questions carefully. Many people who have received medical advice to reduce their alcohol consumption don’t tell their insurance company.

Neurological problems

You also need to tell us about any episodes of blurred/double vision and


It’s important you don’t think this question refers to regular smoking only. You must disclose even the occasional cigarette/cigar you have. If you have given up smoking, it’s also very important that to provide an accurate date when you last smoked.


If you are uncertain your current weight, weigh yourself and do your best to be as accurate as possible.

Symptoms not yet diagnosed

Disclose any symptoms, or if you are undergoing any tests which have not yet been officially diagnosed.

Checking Your Details

Lastly, it is important to Check your Details and log onto “My Account”. It is crucial that what was captured on the application is said to be a true and an accurate account.

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