Overcoming Procrastination During Lockdown

During these uncertain times, we understand that everybody can get into a slight lull with being cooped up at home during lockdown. Staying productive during quarantine has proven to be a trying task for many so we wanted to help our readers be proactive and beat procrastination.

It’s easy to slip into a routine of doing nothing right now. To combat feelings of unproductivity, start by organising what tasks you need to complete and write them out. Use the calendar on your phone, purchase a planner or even just jot a to-do list down on the nearest notepad. Setting out the things you need to do is the first step in feeling like you have something to work towards.

Use achievable goals as your benchmark and put in place realistic times that you need to compete them by. Giving yourself this structure will not only make your tasks more manageable but it will also prompt you to finish off your to-do list, subsequently giving you a feeling of accomplishment when you achieve your goals. 

Incentivising your goals can also help beat procrastination. Treat yourself to something once you have completed a task for example, indulge in a glass of wine or an episode of your favourite tv show once you have finished off what you need to do.

Telling somebody about your goals is also a great way of ensuring that you don’t procrastinate. You are more likely to work harder towards completing your tasks when you have vocalised them to a friend. Not only will you want to prove to yourself but also to who you’ve told that you can achieve what you have set out. You will also gain support and encouragement from who you’ve told which is always a nice push towards achieving things. 

We hope this blog post will help you through quarantine in overcoming procrastination and making the most out of this time we have. Please leave your comments below if you have any additional tips on staying productive.

Stay safe and thank you for reading. 

Team TopQuote.

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