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Finding Peace of Mind in a Changing World

Peace of mind has always been incredibly important for us here at TopQuote. 

Most of what we do, and how we do it, is geared towards providing this for our customers. 

Our experience shows us that when thinking about the future, people want to plan for what they can see coming and try to prepare for anything they can’t. Most of all, they know that it’s only through actively doing something, and not simply waiting to react, that they can begin to find some peace of mind. 

It is, of course, difficult to think of more uncertain times in modern memory. The last 18 months have brought so many changes and such upheaval for all our lives in the pandemic that it can be difficult to see further. However, there are still huge issues that we can recognise, and work on, to help our world, our lives, and the lives of future generations.

Small Changes. Big Impact

Climate Crisis and the consequences of a warming planet are once again making understandable headlines around the world. As service providers, we’re committed to making changes in our working practices to limit our own impact. The paperless, digital portals and tools that we provide for customer cover demonstrate this in a commercial way. However, as individual people we know we can always be doing more. 

Let’s All Do Our Part

So, let’s take a look at the top five ways we can all make active choices to contribute to an effort against the advances of a climate in crisis.

  1. Minimise Waste
    Recycle, Reuse, & Repair. The three ‘Rs’ are a great way to start. As well as the weekly trips to the coloured bins, we can look around the home to see what’s available for us to use again before we create more waste. In a similar way, are there items that we can attempt to repair before we replace them? 
  1. Park the Car
    As the world moves towards more normality, it’s inevitably doing so on four wheels. But does this have to be the case for us all? Obviously, some journeys by car may be unavoidable but a stroll where possible could have the dual effect of improved exercise routines for us too.
  1. Save your Energy
    Simple changes to our behaviour at home can bring greater energy efficiency. The use of heating and water at home is taken for granted, but a closer eye on where and when they are needed all adds up over the course of a year. It’s always worth checking for greener providers or tariffs, as this can often save us money on bills too.
  1. Green Fingers
    2020 highlighted how important it is to spend time in natural, clean, and green spaces, with the impact on reducing stress and aiding better mental health being well documented. Creating our own green spaces, by getting in the garden or making a balcony growing area, are also a great way to contribute to air quality and renewal.
  1. Let’s Keep Talking
    Sharing ideas is the key to helping them spread. If we all keep the conversation going around ways to combat the climate crisis in our own families and social networks, we might find that we can trade new ideas and find new ways to help. The power to make the change really is available to us all.

The long-term solutions may be a long way off, but we can at least begin to find that all-important peace of mind by making a start.

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