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Make The Most of Your Weekends

There is a universal Monday morning feeling that’s ever present across the globe. No matter the industry, location, salary, or age of the individual, we can pretty much all agree that the weekend goes too quickly. You probably often find yourself asking “Where did the weekend go?” – meaning the chances are, you’re not making the most of those vital 48 hours off work each week. We’re going to take a look at how you can maximise your weekends and claim back some of those valuable hours with the family!

Just stop for a minute, and really break down what you did this weekend. Now think about how much of that was spent lounging around, laying in bed, mindlessly flicking through Netflix and quite frankly doing a whole lot of nothing. Don’t get me wrong, doing nothing is a vital part of any time away from work, and can offer a great opportunity for reflection and overall zen. However, a weekend routine with the family can be a great way to strike a perfect balance between relaxation and activity – ensuring you squeeze every last bit out of your precious weekend.

Friday Night Planning

Waking up on a Saturday and Sunday without a rough idea of what you’re going to be doing can lead to a lot of wasted time and waiting about. How do we combat this? Easy, get a plan together on Friday night that’s made up of some of the key things you’d like to tackle over the weekend. Since we’re in the UK, it’s always safe to have some plans that suit all possible weather conditions.

Get Some Fresh Air

Many a weekend go by where certain home dwellers haven’t stepped out of their house once! This is one of the reasons that our weekends seem to fly by. Get a change of scenery with friends and family and make some memories.

A walk in the woods, visit to the beach, bike ride or swim (weather dependent) are all great examples of getting out of the house, getting some exercise, and socialising. You’ll feel better for this too (I promise). Endorphins produced when exercising outdoors will lead to a happier you, ultimately making Monday morning that little bit easier by the time it rolls around.

The Kids Are Alright

There’s no doubt that there’s an easy option when it comes to kids at the weekend. Plonking them in front of a TV/computer screen can certainly keep them busy – but shouldn’t be the go-to all weekend. Weekends are the perfect time to set the kids challenges such as baking, crafting, or taking part in sports.

Time away from work and school are a chance to make memories that matter. These are the days you can look back on and remember fondly, spending quality time with the ones that matter most!

Switch Off Your Devices

Probably just about as hard as it sounds, but some time away from you Instagram feed and email inbox is a definitely a healthy choice. We waste so much time with our heads down looking at a screen, when instead we should be socialising (in person) and focusing on family and friends.

Some time away from phones and computers at a weekend also offers a chance to reflect on your past week, and focus on your week ahead. What went wrong, what went well – and how can you put more of the good stuff into the upcoming week.

At TopQuote, we like to make life as easy as possible for our clients. With the right life insurance policy in place, you can enjoy each weekend to the fullest, knowing that we’ve got your protected should the unthinkable happen. Contact Us today to find out more.

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