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The Mother of all National Holidays

Almost every single day in the calendar is given some kind of celebration, spotlight, or focus for the modern era. March the 1st alone accommodated at least thirty of these, including St. David’s Day, Pancake Day, and of course, the beginning of National Umbrella Month.

These days range from important landmarks for remembering historical dates, to some slightly more cynical attempts at commercial marketing – I’m looking at you, National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day!

However, spring always brings the mother of all the national days. A day that florists look forward to all year and restaurants can always count on for full tables and the occasional price hike. I’m talking about Mother’s Day.

Mum’s the Word

On Sunday the 29th of March, households, restaurants, and pubs all over the UK, will be under their annual rule of Mum as families come together to celebrate their mothers. When dawn breaks, hastily prepared breakfasts will be laid onto trays and delivered upstairs with instructions for Mum to put her tools down and feet up for the day.  24-hour garages will be raided for every last bouquet and box of chocolates, and envelope after envelope will be sealed and delivered in time to be opened for the big day.

Here at Top Quote, we’re always on a mission to give you that little bit extra. That’s why we’ve compiled our favourite five facts about Mother’s Day for you to take a look through here. Feel free to dazzle your fellow diners as you sit down with the family this Sunday.

Mother’s Day Five Facts

  1. Save the Date
    Mother’s Day has a different date each year as it must always fall on the fourth Sunday of Lent. The reason for this is thought to link back to the rare occasions when young servant girls were allowed to be reunited with families. At Lent, they could return home to see their mothers for a short while before the hard work started again.
  2. Bloomin’ Big Business
    Over a billion pounds will be spent on Mother’s Day gifts this year, and flowers are overwhelmingly the favourite choice, with stats showing they will account for 48% of these sales. Interestingly, the data also shows that men aged 18-24 will be the biggest spenders so they can put their sisters to shame!
  3. I Just Called to Say…

Mother’s Day is the biggest day for phone call traffic in every country in the world. More calls are placed than any other holiday as children of all ages dial in to tell Mum how much she means to them. A staggering 122 million of these conversations take place on the American date for Mother’s Day alone.

  • It’s For Your Mum

The wild west of the internet is a grammar pedant’s paradise. Rogue or misplaced apostrophes are pounced upon for all the world to see. There’s even a debate surrounding whether the apostrophe in Mother’s Day should be singular or plural – to represent your mum or mums everywhere. According to Anna Jarvis, widely regarded as the creator of the modern Mother’s Day, it has to be singular. So, this day is definitely for you, Mum!

  • Poor Old Mrs Vassilyev

Records in a Moscow monastery from 1725 to 1765 state that a woman named Mrs Vassilyev had four sets of quadruplets, seven sets of triplets, and sixteen pairs of twins, over 27 separate labours. An astonishing grand total of 69 children! One can only imagine how busy their postman must have been when Mother’s Day came around.

We hope that all the mums have an enjoyable and relaxing day on Sunday, surrounded by family if possible. As ever, recent events have shown just how important it is to spend time with the people we love and never take them for granted.

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