The Pitfalls of Predicting the Future

William Shakespeare’s legacy on the English language is so vast and wide-reaching that
we often forget to associate him with many of the everyday phrases we take for granted.
We have a lot to thank the bard for in creating these wonderful little snippets that can
perfectly sum up our experiences whenever we want to ‘break the ice’ with a new
acquaintance, or ‘wear our heart on our sleeve’ in any situation.

Beware The Ides of March!

There are quotes from his plays that are impossible not to think of during certain dates
in the calendar. When an eerie voice famously pierces through the crowd to warn the
emperor in Julius Caesar, he can hear it above all the trumpets as it instructs him to
‘Beware the Ides of March!’ This voice belonged to the fictional supernatural soothsayer
who claimed to know what was coming and implored him to prepare.

In reality, the Ides of March is in fact a real event that falls upon the 15 th of March every
year and has long been observed by several religions for many different reasons. For the
Romans, this was often the date set aside for settling debts as Caesar would ultimately
find out. However, thanks to Will, it’s now a phrase, and a date with the supernatural
ability to predict the future!

Digital Fortune Tellers

Nowadays, there are thousands upon thousands of modern soothsayers out there, all
claiming to predict what’s around the corner with absolute accuracy. Even though our
recent modern history would suggest that this is more implausible than ever, with
global events continuing to surprise, scare, and shape our world at an extraordinary
pace. They offer insight into the latest investment trends that send us spiralling into the
complex worlds of cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens. They bombard us across
rolling news, influencing social media channels, and appearing in our inboxes with offers too good to miss. And they sometimes feel like warnings that implore us to take
action before it’s too late.

Navigating through these dizzying mazes of information can become an incredibly
exhausting and complicated task. It’s often the fear of missing out that drives us to take
them a little seriously every now and again. Even the most risk averse amongst us could
be forgiven for taking a peek at what these predictions might mean for our own lives.

No Such Thing as a Sure Thing

Ultimately, we know that there is an awful lot of guess-work involved in anybody, or
anything, that suggests they know what is about to happen. There are so many
unknowns and hidden variables at play that make it an impossibly dark art to master.
Once again, that clever playwright was correct to assume that ‘all that glitters is not

At Top Quote, our experience through working with our clients over the years has
shown that concentrating on the fundamentals of what we already know is always the
key to making good decisions. We’ve become experts in uncovering any surprises with
outdated, long forgotten, or misplaced policies from the past that can affect the future.

We may not claim to be soothsayers, but there is definitely value in listening to what we
have to say when it comes to making sure you and your loved ones are getting the most
from your existing life insurance policy.

Contact our team today and we can take care of it all in ‘one fell swoop’.

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