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5 Best Ways to Stop Smoking

Whether or not you smoke, is one of the most significant factors that affects your life insurance premium. At a time when we are planning our New Year’s resolutions, perhaps it is time to start thinking about kicking the habit and preparing the ways that will make it bearable for you.

Once you have been smoke-free for a year, your life insurance quote may be significantly cheaper, meaning that you save big money on cigarettes and on safeguarding your family’s future too.

Here’s team TopQuote’s 5 best ways to help you to stop smoking.

  1. Reach out for stop-smoking support
    There are lots of services available for when you want to stop smoking. The NHS has a smoke-free helpline and there are also local stop smoking services available. Speak to your GP and express your desire to quit smoking and they can also point you in the right direction for some support.

  2. Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NPT)
    There are lots of products available on the market to make quitting smoking a lot easier for you. Using patches, chewing gum, sprays and lozenges provide you with the nicotine that you crave, making it easier to kick your nicotine addiction whilst also keeping your hands and mouth busy.

  3. Exercise
    Many people commend increasing the amount that they exercise per week as a benefitting factor that helps them quit smoking. When you feel the itch to have a cigarette why not go for a quick walk or pop down to the gym and get those endorphins flowing. You’ll feel more positive and in turn won’t be thinking about having a cigarette.

  4. Make lists
    If you write down your reasons for quitting, how much money you will save from giving up smoking and also the time you will gain back, you will have something to refer to and keep you on track for each time you question your decision to quit as the little voice in your head tells you that you need a cigarette.

  5.  Change what you drink
    Yes, sadly coffee, tea and fizzy drinks have all been linked to making people want more cigarettes, so you may want to consider when you partake in your drink of choice. If you can have something healthy to chew on (carrot sticks, celery, apple), this may help take away the urge for a cigarette.

Quitting is tough, but if you have a plan and you are committed to changing your ways, you can make it happen.

Stopping smoking can be about improving your health and your quality of life. But equally, your motivation could be about improving your health, so that you can have a greater chance to play a longer term role in the lives of your loved ones. Taking out life insurance also resonates with this thought. It’s about providing a financial legacy for the people in your life that you love. What a gift!

Happy New Year, Happy New You!

We hope you find this blog post helpful and we’d love to hear your stories about quitting smoking. Whether you want to give up or have already done so, please leave your comments below to help others in their journey!

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