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Right now, the world is going through incredibly uncertain times. Coronavirus, otherwise known as COVID-19, has spread quickly worldwide which has led to an anxiety-inducing time for everyone.  The news can seem quite daunting to watch right now therefore, we thought we’d share some positive stories that have lifted our spirits a bit during this pandemic and to show everyone that it isn’t all doom and gloom right now. 

3 Grandmothers self-isolating together

Doreen, Dotty and Carol, all in their 70’s, have decided to keep each other entertained by self-isolating together. They said that the only thing that they’d been ‘panic buying’ was bottles of wine and they got a Netflix subscription so that they could all watch The Crown together. This completely heart-warming story has demonstrated that you don’t have to isolate alone and you can even have fun doing it too!

Venice’s water clearing and nature returning

The usually murky water in Venice is now crystal clear. It’s the clearest it’s been in almost 60 years as the city is now quiet due to lock-down and there hasn’t been as many tourists causing boat traffic. Dolphins have been spotted in Venice’s waterways and there are even fish that are now visible. Every cloud has a silver lining and this story definitely shows that mother nature is healing during this period.

Nationwide clap for NHS workers

Last night, millions of people stood at their doors, windows, balconies to partake in a national clap for the UK’s NHS workers to show appreciation for everything that they do. NHS workers have been on the frontline of this pandemic and this once in a lifetime event was a lovely display of gratitude for all they have done in these trying times. 

Karaoke lock-down

Many videos have surfaced on social media of people on lock-down enjoying a sing-a-long. Videos first surfaced online when Italy went into full lock-down and people soon began keeping themselves and their neighbours entertained by standing on their balconies and putting on an enjoyable musical performance, which led to many others singing along. We thought that these lovely videos were not only entertaining but also show how humanity has come together during this pandemic. 

Please share any positive news stories that have kept you feeling positive in the comments below. Stay safe everyone, practice social distancing and keep washing those hands. Together we can stop the virus spreading through working with each other. 

We hope that you all stay safe and healthy!

Thank you for reading.

Team TopQuote.

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