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TopQuote’s Top Three UK Holiday Destinations

The word ‘unprecedented’ has probably had more airtime and column inches over the past two and a half years than in its entire history. It pops up every month or so to accompany another crisis or world-changing event.

We’re now being told to expect a wait of over three months for new passports or renewals, which in turn means holidays are being cancelled, weddings postponed, and ultimately a lot of money is being lost.

The effects of the pandemic are still being felt too, of course. New airline protocols are fuelling reports of airport experiences that may be a little too stressful to warrant a break away.

Top Quote’s Top Three

All of this means many of us will be looking to our own green and pleasant lands for a summer retreat. As ever, Top Quote is here to help with our top three staycation destinations for 2022.  We’ve broken it down into three categories so you can tailor the location to the kind of getaway that you’re looking for.

Beach Britain

For many of us, a holiday means relaxing on the coast. There’s something indescribable about looking out to the waves on a sunny day with sand in between your toes. Filey Beach in Yorkshire has five miles of seaside for you to explore. With rockpools and wide expanses for children to play, it also houses some impressive artworks on the promenade, amongst the cafes and amenities. This is a more traditional holiday destination than some of its commercial neighbours. So, get out here for long walks and relaxation, fly a kite on the beach, and build up that appetite for some classic fish and chips.

Village Living

The Cotswold Area of Natural Beauty is an incredibly grand title. However, it definitely lets you know what to expect. If pretty villages and towns with centuries of impressive history are your thing, you don’t need to look any further. The beautiful countryside is networked through streams and rivers, perfect for strolling through on those long summer days. It even boasts the most romantic street in England, Corpse Hill Road, as voted for by Goole Street View audiences. With Warwick Castle nearby and plenty of ‘Day Out’ options at your disposal, The Cotswolds is a wonderful base for a family to spend a week or two together. 

Remote Control

If you’ve ever fancied yourself as a bit more of Wildman, or Wildwoman, that’s drawn to the majesty of nature, then a trip to the Cairngorms might be just up your mountain. This is the UK’s largest National Park with breath-taking scenery that takes centre stage whatever the weather. Wildlife is everywhere as you explore at your own pace and in your own style. The cottages available represent something truly different and memorable. If you can imagine yourself sitting by a fire, looking up to the stars, with a wee dram in hand, then maybe it’s time to heed that call!

Remember to Take a Moment

Wherever you, your family and loved ones go this summer, make sure you have some time out to relax, re-energise, and reflect. It’s so important that we all try to take a moment to unplug from the chaos of the last few years and try to understand and appreciate the things that really matter.

And it might be a good idea to get booking for 2023 now too, just in case anything else happens!

At Top Quote, we aim to take the stress out of any insurance policy worries or questions.  Our team is always ready to bring a little sunshine into your life admin and make things easier.

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