Critical Illness

Critical illness can affect you at any age, impacting your ability to earn a living. Depending upon your individual circumstances you’re most likely to need it if you have a family or a partner or spouse who depends upon your income. If you become ill, you will need time off work to recover which may negatively impact your ability to pay the mortgage or bills.

Equally, if you are a parent of a child with a critical illness who you must take time off work to nurse, then your income can be adversely affected in the same way. We can insure against this too.

We can guide you through the process, letting you choose policies to match your individual needs, budget and circumstances.

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Level Critical Illness

Decreasing Critical Illness

Level Critical Illness

If the worst happens and you find you have one of the illnesses or disabilities listed on the policy during the period of cover, you will receive a lump sum to support you and your family.

Designed to deliver a fixed amount of cover over the term of the policy unless you choose indexation – increasing your cover in line with inflation – or you exercise your guaranteed insurability option – choosing to buy additional critical illness cover at a later date.

You can choose single cover to insure one of you, or joint cover to insure you and your partner or spouse.

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Additional Cover

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Our short explainer video will guide you through the basics of critical illness insurance, answering questions such as ‘What is critical illness insurance?’, ‘Why do people have it?’, and ‘How does critical illness insurance work?’

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We put people, not products first. Once we’ve received your details by telephone, we visit our life insurance and critical illness customers at home, making sure to answer any questions you have and completing the paperwork in person.

Our client account manager service also means that we get to know your individual needs. Whatever your circumstances, we can help find the right solution for both you and your family.

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